Some Words by the Author

The kernel of JS/CC is entirely written and maintained by me, Jan Max Meyer. I'm a software developer and hobbyist programmer from Germany and was born in 1985. The art of compiler design is a study on my own, because it very much interests me and makes a lot of fun. This project is one result of this study. I never studied on computer sciences yet, but plan this somewhere in the future.

In my professional life, I work as application software developer at a local business software company. As one of my hobbies, I also run my own, tiny software company — J.M.K.S.F. Software Technologies — from home, where I'm in writing programs and solutions around the area of software development tools, application software, and some web solutions. JS/CC is a non-profit-based product of this business.

There is also another project in the area of computer-aided recognizer generation where I'm currently on, but more about this will be found out when it's finished — and if I really release it.

But for now, I wish you much fun and success on using JS/CC. I hope that this software will be useful in your business or just helps you on understanding how bottom-up parsing works a little more clearly.

One thing I would deeply appreciate is, if you have the fun and engagement on developing JS/CC further, adding new features, or just making it more popular.

If you really like JS/CC and if you want to give me a smart pleasure for my efforts in developing this software, I would be very happy if you send some money to the WDCS — Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society — who fights against the senseless killing and capturing of marine animals, like whales and dolphins, which is unfortunately the case in some countries of the world today.

We must keep this world for us and our children, and stop this senseless killing of endangered animals. And in my opinion, every second counts!

To support the life of whales and dolphins in our oceans, please visit

Thank you very much.